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Marketers who write will rule the world

published18 days ago
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I am not a writer. I’m a marketer. Like you, for the past decade I’ve been behind the scenes helping brands get more customers & grow their loyalty to those brands. But, I’ve been too afraid to share what I’m learning because of fear, procrastination and thinking that nobody cares about what I have to say. Today, I realized there’s nothing more dangerous than a marketer who writes.

👨🏽‍💻 Note from Joe: This post is meant to be less of a how to & more of a personal manifesto for why I’m making writing a priority as a marketer. Hope you enjoy!

Writing builds trust.

Trust is built through interactions over time.

Would you rather work for your favorite YouTuber or a random person looking to hire someone? I believe in the age of the internet we all have an opportunity to build massive trust with others online by sharing what we know.

Think about the people you trust in real life. They probably have shared with you what they know to some extent over a period of time. In exchange you give them your time or money.

By sharing everything I have learned (& will learn about marketing) in an unselfish way. I’m saying to the world. You can trust that I’m here to help you grow into the best marketer you can be.

People work with & for people they trust. Still not convinced? Read on to see why writing on the internet as a marketer will help you in your everyday life.

Writing captures ideas.

Ideas are just thoughts that we have about something we could do.

If you’re like me, you don’t remember the great ideas you had last week. Writing down your ideas and publishing them for the world to see causes you to think through what you thought.

Not only does doing this allow you to deconstruct & refine your idea. It allows others to give you feedback on your ideas.

If you’re a marketer and you’re looking for permission to write online. This is it. Stop reading this article. Open up your notes app and write your first blog post titled “Why I’m starting to write as a marketer.”

If you’re not ready to do that. Read on to learn how marketing creates leverage.

Writing creates leverage.

Being able to create something once and then let the tiny invisible robots take your content to as many people who find it interesting is what the internet is all about.

Creating leverage is what the internet is all about.

You write something once and it gets delivered to someone who has that specific question at that exact moment.

If that wasn’t cool enough. Think about the fact that as marketers we share our advice everyday in slack, email & text with others. Only to have to re share from our heads the same information again and again with every client who has that question.

We only have 8 hours in a typical workday. Let’s assume you usually spend 2 of that communicating with others about marketing stuff. If you spend even 1 of that publishing ideas, answers to common questions & advice for people in your industry. Now you’ve created a library of answers that you can copy, paste & send over to others to be helpful without having to stop and think about what you’re going to say.

When you look at how much time you save every day the results continue to compound.

Lastly, writing down your thoughts will make you a quicker thinker on your feet because you’ve already done the hard work of writing down the thoughts that you’re speaking about.

Pay extra attention this week to the questions you get from clients & coworkers. Let these be your first posts that you write about.

Wow. You thought this was over? This party is just getting started. Read on to discover how writing is marketing.

Writing is marketing.

Every great brand, marketing campaign, or ad started with someone writing down an idea of the concept.

Without writing there is no marketing.

Through writing about what I’m learning as a marketer I hope to be able to bring more value to the marketers & ecommerce brands I work with on a daily basis. Being able to bring more value to the people & partners I work with is important to me because I’m someone who likes to make the best use of every second I have here on this earth.

By writing I’ll be able to bring better ideas to the table. I’ll get better at clarifying my thinking to get right to the heart of an idea.

Bad Idea: Try creating your next great marketing campaign without writing anything. Better Idea: Read the final idea of this article below and learn how writing creates mental clarity.

Writing creates mental clarity.

Productivity legend David Allen said it best. “Your head is for having ideas, not for holding them.” If there was a way to remember all of the ideas you had would you opt-in to be able to do it?

Capturing your high level ideas in your favorite notes app then coming back on a weekly basis to write about those thoughts is a great system for getting your ideas out of your head.

Writing your ideas & publishing them for the world to see will not only do wonders for your career growth.

It’ll help you clear your mind.

Like a computer, our brains can begin to run a little slower when it has alot processing in the background.

Why not free up some mental space by making a little space in your day to write out your thoughts on marketing, detail out an idea you have or teach something you learned about marketing this week?

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