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3 Reasons I Ditched My Personal Website For a Convert Kit Newsletter Instead.

published17 days ago
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Please Note: Pat Flynn did a similar post a few years back when he switched from AWeber to InfusionSoft, then ConvertKit. Hope this post helps all my indie consultants who are spending too much time on their personal website, instead of writing helpful content for the people you want to help online.

Teaching is the new selling.

For some context, I’m an e-commerce marketer who works full-time at an agency. On the side I share what I know on the internet to help others start and grow their marketing career. Lastly, I’ve created a productized service that helps e-commerce brands under $1MM / year in revenue to double their revenue. It’s called the e-Com Growth Engine.

If I had 100 clients land in my lap tomorrow I wouldn’t be able to help them all. If I work with 3-5 e-commerce brands a year, that’s more than enough side income for me. The goal of my site is to provide so much value that they could do what I offer in my productized service on their own.

This is a mind shift for most, because as consultants we can get caught up in this need to create the perfect website, spending hours on a landing page that 72 people will see in your sites lifetime. Your

I’ve used ConvertKit’s free plan to make sure that I can easily collect email addresses and stay in touch nearly daily with the e-commerce marketers I seek to help.

How I help them depends on their current situation, but my overall goal is share one thing I learned each day about e-commerce which was inspired by Austin Kleon’s book “Show Your Work.”

Whether or not you decide to abandon your website for a newsletter. My hope is that this post inspires you to teach, instead of sell to the people you wish to serve on the internet.

Enough selling. Start teaching already.

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