Most of us didn't go to school to be successful e-commerce marketers.

That's why I created "The e-Commerce Fundamentals" course.

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e-Commerce is one of the best businesses to get into to take advantage of the rise in online shopping.

πŸ“ˆ Did you know that e-Commerce is predicted to grow 324% in a 10 year span, looking back to 2014 and ahead to 2024.

Thanks to the internet and platforms like Shopify. Anyone can launch a store in a matter of days. Run paid ads to the store and get a couple sales. Because of the low barrier to entry, as of 2020 there were 800,000 Shopify stores live. So how do you not only standout, but build a profitable e-commerce store where you’re able to build a store that puts money in your pocket instead of The Facebook & The Googles?


Meet, The e-Commerce Fundamentals.

The e-Commerce Fundamentals is 40+ video lessons that take you through everything I do each day, week, and month to help grow & scale e-commerce brands profitably beyond six figures.

You'll learn the exact daily, weekly, and monthly playbook I use to help e-commerce businesses scale past 6 figures a year without relying on paid ads.

If you want a profitable e-com business while...

β€’ Unlocking your ability to help more people through your product.

β€’ Using best practices that’ll save you time & avoid burnout.

β€’ Allowing you to work once and reap the rewards time & time again.

β€’ Converting more new customers without relying on paid ads.

β€’ Leveraging technology to increase the amount they spend on each order.

β€’ Selling additional products to existing customers on autopilot.

β€’ Selling to people while you’re working on other projects or spending time with friends & family

β€’ Scaling profitably past 6 figures once you do start to run paid ads.

The e-Commerce Fundamentals Course is for you.

You'll learn:

βœ… How to create a 90 day growth plan in just 30 minutes.

βœ… The 3 growth levers that will change how you think about e-commerce growth.

βœ… The most common mistake e-commerce brands make around new customers.

βœ… How much you can spend to acquire one new customer.

βœ… To craft an intro offer that makes sense for your customers & your bottom line.

βœ… The 3 types of intro offers that turn browsers into buyers.

βœ… How to clarify your message, so more people buy.

βœ… The 3 essential email automations you should build ASAP to print money.

βœ… The 9 key email automations that’ll help you double your revenue.

βœ… What the best email marketing tech stack is for e-commerce brands.

βœ… How to setup A/B tests for your landing pages in less than 15 minutes

βœ… A system for focusing on the right marketing strategies & tactics to grow revenue.

You'll get access to:

β€’ 240+ minutes of actionable advice across 40 video lessons

β€’ 6 guided action steps that help you get results with quick wins

BONUS: The e-Commerce Marketing Playbook with 16 high-quality growth tools, templates & best practices (A $250 value!)



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