Thank You

thank you, matthew chavez, for leading your brothers

Matthew is my son & if you ask him, he’ll say that being a big brother isn’t always an easy job. Especially when you have two little brothers who love to break your legos.

Matthew wishes that his brother’s would just listen to him & do everything he tells them to. But little does he know, his little brothers are preparing him to lead the next generation.

He doesn’t know it yet, but you can’t make anyone, do anything. Anyone who has tried to lead people knows this is true. I think about the leaders who I’ve served under & they all have one thing in common. They never “make” me do anything. Instead they make me “want” to do everything. I call it “leadership magic” because it works like magic.

At the young age of 9 I already see Matthew moving out of making his brothers listen to starting to help them want to listen. Matthew wakes up everyday with leadership written all over his day. Thanks to his mom, he starts the day with a routine that is made up of serving his little brothers breakfast, reading them a devotional about heroes in the Bible & telling them that he loves them.

Matthew could be spending all his energy teasing his brothers (he still does spend some of it doing that) or complaining, but he doesn’t. He even wants to go beyond helping in the home & has started to come to work to help me help brands be UNIGNORABLE.

Thank you Matthew. You have “leadership magic”, it’s UNIGNORABLE & it’s starting to rub off on your little brothers.


Your Dad

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