Thank You

thank you, giann quijano for showing me people are unignorable

I’ve known Giann since I was in first grade. I remember watching Giann talking with the kids in front of our first grade classroom as I rushed to be the “first person” done with my assignments. He was never in a rush, but always made time for people.

Seeing Giann go from a kid to a family man, he’s consistently done one thing that’s UNIGNORABLE: “Instead of trying to be the “first person” he’s always put the “person first.”

Moving away from California, I’d sold the last item in my apartment to a stranger & you showed up with your bald head & Ray Bans with coffee in hand. You just wanted give me a hug & have one last coffee chat before I packed my pregnant wife & 2 toddlers into our Chevy Trailblazer to drive 4,000 miles to North Carolina in the hottest summer I’d ever experience.

It’s taken me 21 years since watching you in the back of that chalk scented classroom to realize you were focused on what mattered. Putting people first.

I’ve seen you live out. You’ve raised your son as a single dad, married a woman who completed you & continued to grow your family together.

Thank you Giann for bring UNIGNORABLE & being a “person first” kinda person since day one. Thankful to have a friend like you.

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