Thank You

thank you, chaz churchwell for being the unicorn of insurance

Chaz is not like any insurance agent I’ve ever met. Not because he owns the insurance agency & still made time to hop on the phone with me & downgrade my policy with out trying to upsell me into another product, but because he called my wife & I “unicorns.“

In early December of 2019 my wife & I decided to pay off our cars and not get another one. A family of 5 without a car? Yes. Story for another time, but yes, we’re a carless family.

Curious, I did a quick Google search for “insurance agents in Charlotte, NC” & “insurance agents in United States.” In Charlotte there were 70 near me. In the United States there were 1.2 million. Yet, Chaz gets his own post because his customer service was that good.

From the the time Chaz answered the phone, I could tell that he loved his job. His enthusiasm for insurance & the fact that my wife & I were committed to paying off debt was awesome. I shared that we paid off our cars & didn’t even want to have one. Instead of judging me & saying “How irresponsible” or “what are you thinking” he said, “That is amazing.” Him being an insurance agent, he could have been upset that he was losing a customer, but instead he continued on and called my wife & I “unicorns.” Referring to Dave Ramsey’s POV on what people look like who don’t have credit cards and live life slave to debt. In this case, a couple who is willing to get ride of their car to save money on the payments, insurance, gas & repairs. (Which is around $750/month in case you’re wondering.)

Over the course of 30 minutes Chaz made me feel like family as we connected over Long Beach, Dave Ramsey & Elevation Church. He then called the policy company to figure out how he could best rewrite the policy to benefit my family in our unique situation & then called me back to let me know he would be rewriting the policy. Lastly, he followed up with an email that made sure I understood the new policy. He asked for a Google Review, which I gladly gave, as well as this post.

Chaz Churchwell is unignorable. He’s a great example of what great customer service looks like.

On my 20 minute call with Chaz. Three things were unignorable.

  1. He answered the phone with enthusiasm I felt through the phone.
  2. He sought to understand my situation, not just solve my problems.
  3. He was quick, but never rushed me.

Thank you Chaz. You my friend, are the unicorn of insurance.

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