Thank You

thank you, chad zollo for your unignorable dedication

I worked for Chad & the Elevation Church online team when I joined staff at Elevation in 2017.

When I first met Chad during my interviews, I didn’t know what to think as there was so much happening during the weekend long interview that Elevation Church calls “Preview Weekend.”

He called me the next morning to see how I was doing and let me know the interviews went well. He said he’d reach out in a few days to let me know next steps if any.

The sun leaked in as I stood in my garage in Long Beach, CA. I received the call from Chad to let me know I was the new Digital Marketing Manager for Elevation Church Online. My wife & I were, so excited. We’d be moving to Charlotte, NC help people see what God could do through them at Elevation Church.

During my first month working for Chad, he was enthusiastic in our 1-on-1 meetings, sharing the vision of the church, our team’s role in that vision & how he saw me fitting into all of it.

Nothing against Chad, but I figured this was a “new hire thing”, but thought that his level of dedication & enthusiasm would wear off.

It never wore off.

I witnessed Chad get upset, excited & be UNIGNORABLE when it came to making sure that people could see what God can do through them at Elevation Church.

For Chad, his level of enthusiasm & dedication wasn’t a “New Hire Thing”, it was an “Everyday, All The Time Thing.”

The thing that makes Chad UNIGNORABLE is his unwavering level of dedication to helping people see what God can do through them.

He show’s up every weekend while people are “relaxing.” He hosts, connects & improves the online church experience for the countless number of people who are watching online & have made the trip from out of the state or country to experience Elevation Church in person.

Whether we were in weekly meetings reviewing numbers for church online or brainstorming at his desk. Chad was ON. Always ON. Before Chad, I had never had the opportunity to work for someone who carried this level of love for what they did. He made me feel like I wasn’t crazy for always thinking “what if” & trying to constantly improve everything we did.

In 2019, I stopped working at Elevation Church, but when I joined the team in 2017, it was just 5 of us. Now the team is about 15 & growing.

I’m convinced that even though Pastor Steven Furtick is an amazing preacher & leader. Elevation Church online wouldn’t be what it is today, without Chad Zollo being UNIGNORABLE & leading by example.

Whether in front of hundreds of thousands online or one person behind closed doors, I’ve never seen Chad say anything bad, spiteful or complain about what he gets to do everyday.

Chad Zollo, thanks for never being limited by location or feelings.

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