Thank You

thank you, carmen chavez for letting me walk you home

You were surrounded by a posse of girls with you and I could tell you were the leader of the pack. It was the end of lunch and there were only 2 more periods left before the whole school would go on Christmas break for a few weeks.

I had never walked up to a girl before to introduce myself. Maybe because I had never met one worth doing it. Maybe I was too scared.

This day I didn’t even think twice before grabbing the flowers that a girl, Johnny had given to me that morning in back of sports med class. They were fake and lived on a green foam block, but still looked beautiful.

I did my best to cross paths with you as you & your posse walked towards me. What I would say, never crossed my mind. Then the magic words fell out of my mouth,

“Can I walk you home, I know where you live.”

Joe Chavez

We’ve been happily married for over a decade now and have 3 boys. Moving across the United States together, we (mostly you) homeschool our boys and our love is still growing together closer everyday.

If you hadn’t let me walk you home that day in high school. I’d be a king size workaholic with 3 sides of “aholic” on the side. I never let a day go by where I think that this amazing life I live is all my doing. You balance out my scattered creative mind and I look to you like a bouy to swim back to reality when I am too out of touch with it.

Thanks for letting me walk you home that day. Thanks for letting me and our 3 boys be a part of your posse.

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