Thank You

thank you, john howard for not letting your location be your excuse

John Howard loves Chik-Fil-A. As the owner of the Long Beach location, he should. He’s responsible to the success or failure of the store as well as upholding the beloved Chik-Fil-A reputation.

His location sits at an intersection that makes it hard for people to get in. The oncoming traffic makes it so hard, that if you miss the entrance, you might as well go to a Chik-Fil-A up the street.

John Howards Chik-Fil-A always has a drive-thru that resembles an ant trail.

While they may help, John doesn’t just rely on just the corporate-wide promos that Chik-Fil-A sends out via email, social media or other channels. (Thank you Chik-Fil-A marketing team, what you create is amazing.)

He relies on being a human being.

A human being that shows up to my going away party when my family was moving from California to Charlotte to come work at Elevation Church. A human being that hosts events at the local church while sponsoring the whole event with food. A human being that helps out a family who wants to have their daughters birthday at Chik-Fil-A. All of these examples are things I’ve witnessed John Howard do in my 5 years knowing him. I’m sure there are hundreds more examples that I’ll never see.

John Howard probably knows your name.

One time I witnessed him stand in the drive-thru at his Long Beach location & greet customers as they drove in. He knew a handful of the customers by name & had even gone to school with a lady in grade school and still knew her by name. No amount of marketing, PR or social media can make up for this type of care.

He could have been a restaurant owner who was “too busy” to interact with the people & he’d be right. A family man who has to balance his life at work & home & he’d be right. He could have “delegated” the role of being in the community to someone else on his team, but I can tell that he cares too much to do that.

Doing the right thing is like crossing the busy intersection to visit his store. Even though it’s not always convenient, it’s worth doing.

Thank you, John Howard for teaching us what it takes to be Unignorable by caring about the individuals who do & may never set foot in your store.

It’s always my pleasure to visit your store whenever I’m in the area.

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