Thank You

thank you, dan marques for teaching me simple isn’t easy

Before joining Trident Growth Partners as a the FaceBook Ads expert, I considered myself an amateur numbers guy & an expert creative.

Once joining this team, I learned how to grow an e-commerce business by committing & sticking to 3 simple things for our clients.

You said yourself that:

“Doing these 3 things is simple, but not easy: Know our clients goals & numbers. Don’t make silly mistakes. Always share new ideas.”

Dan Marques

Not only have you been in the weeds to teach me everything you knew about strategies across paid media channels like Facebook Ads, despite your busy schedule & driving overall strategy for 25+ clients. You’ve never turned down an opportunity to slack, call or coach me.

You’ve always been the smartest on the team, but you’ve never acted like it. Surprising, because you founded this agency. This has caused me to rethink my own motives & check my ego.

Thank you for being transparent & showing instead of telling me what it takes to lead fearlessly.

Whether you meant to or not, you’ve impacted my family.

After seeing how you planned your life intentionally & set goals for yourself, I revisited my life goals and am in the midst of replanning them now.

Even though we only worked together for roughly 6 months. I’ve grown more in my business acumen in this time period more than any other point in my career. Being directly responsible for the success or failure of 25 or so clients managing spending millions of dollars spend on Facebook & Instagram Ads caused me to become a numbers guy & use creativity & copywriting to move the needle.

Thank you for a new way to think about business.

Your simple + effective approach to serving our clients will always stick with me:

  1. Know our clients goals & numbers.
  2. Don’t make silly mistakes.
  3. Always share new ideas.

Thank you, Dan

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