Thank You

thank you, anthony ruano for saving my marriage

Anthony isn’t a marriage counselor, at least I don’t think he is. He’s a creative & musically gifted family man that isn’t too cool to laugh at his own jokes.

I was going through a rough time with my wife & I remember thinking to myself that I couldn’t stay married any longer.

There was (in my mind) nothing anyone could say to talk me out of my decision to call it quits.

Until, my friend Anthony called me to see how I was doing as we always do with each other every week or two. I let him know that I was close to calling it quits and he shared a few words of truth that I needed to hear.

Having a friend like this is rare, but so needed.

I’ve been happily married over 10 years now & can’t imagine not getting to spend the rest of my life with my wife raising our boys.

There’s plenty of other ways that my friend Anthony is Unignorable, but right now, this one stands out the most.

It’s too easy to take friends for granted. Say thanks to a friend today by writing a text, write a note or call them.

Thanks Anthony,

For always being honest, open & willing to talk.

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