Apollo Home Health Care Supplies

Making it easy to get home health supplies, online.


“Not only does the site that Joe built us look great online. It now allows people to request refills & order their medical supplies online.”

 – John Boswell, Apollo Home Care Supplies

key results i helped them achieve

Online Ordering Now Available

I made it simple for people to order refills or new medical supplies with the click of a button. Before this took many calls between our customers & team.

Increased order inquiries

We’ve increased the amount of order inquiries we’re getting through the website. Now with the updated site that’s easier to find and easier to use.

Easier to find on Google

I setup Google My Business on behalf of Apollo Home Health. Helping people in Kansas could find the home health supplies they were looking for.

The goal

Help a local home health care supplies company get found on Google. Making it easy for existing & new customers to order refills & new supplies.

The approach

Build a WordPress website that housed a collection of our sortable products. Updating their Google local listing to reflect their correct address. Helping their demographic (50+) find their physical location.

The process

Making it easy for people to find home health care supplies in Topeka, Kansas.

Google Local Listing

Showing up for local listing is key for a local home health care supplies company. I setup their Google local listing through Google My Business. Making it possible for people to find home health care supplies in Topeka, Kansas.

Wordpress Website Design

I built the website on WordPress and this was great for two reasons. Being able to have a site that we could create a “Sleep Apnea” blog on to generate organic SEO down the road. Also being able to create a site that allows us to build a filterable product set.

Sortable Product Catalog

Their website was a PDF catalog of products that people would have to sort through. There was no was that people could request products, other than calling in. They didn’t want to dive into e-commerce yet. They did want to make sure that it was simple for people to get in touch with their sales team. I built a sortable product catalog using DIVI theme’s projects feature. This also made for a great mobile experience.

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