Elevation Worship

A surprise launch of a collection of songs from a Grammy-nominated album





key results i helped them achieve

10X Return on Ad Spend

Through our Shopify powered pop-up shop that was open for 1 week featuring album merch.

600,000 Streams

Across YouTube Ads, Spotify Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads.

70% View Rate

40% higher than the average YouTube Ad view rate of 30%

The process

Let’s make it feel like the album is everywhere.

Focused on Streams

With the music industry changing. Streams was our main focus. To get the most streams possible, we focused on 2 audiences. Our existing fans that were in our database. Plus, Christian music fans that we could reach using audience & interest targeting. Our launch had 3 phases. First it started with an email sent to our existing fans letting them know that the album was coming. We then ran YouTube Ads, Google Display Ads, FaceBook Ads, Instagram Ads & Spotify Ads. We did a YouTube & FaceBook premiere of a music video from the album. Featuring band members engaging with viewers in the comments. We put the results together & presented them with Elevation Worship team. Taking notes on what we could improve on for the future. We focused on streams when we started. Later we realized that to make the campaign feel better next time we would also focus on engagement.

Putting together a winning strategy

This was a new paid media team that had formed a week before. I was able to create the strategy & processes that our team would be using for this campaign & in the future. This album featured reimagined songs from a previous album. I worked with the creative team to pitch ideas that incorporated the old & new album art covers. To connect the dots for our audience.

Collaboration is King

Our paid ads team worked with the digital team to design & develop a the landing page. This led people to their streaming platform of choice. Once the site was ready. We worked with the email marketing to send an email to existing audience. That way they heard about the album before anyone else. Increasing trust with them. We lived in text threads with the Elevation Worship social team for the next week. Making sure that we promoted a FaceBook Premiere & other organic posts in the campaign.

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