Attentive Home Health Care

Making it simple to find great in-home health care professionals.


“Joe helped us improve our website to better convert vistors into customers. He also created lead was”

– Rick Davis, Attentive Home Health Care


key results i helped them achieve

Improved user experience

I made it simple for people to to get more info about getting home health care services. From professionals at Attentive Home Health Care.

Increase qualified website traffic using Facebook Ads

I ran Facebook Ads to the areas that we served. Gaining awareness in new markets like San Diego & Orange County. Where the cost per click in channels like Google Ads for keywords like “home health care” were 4-8X more expensive than the cost per click on Facebook.

Automated giveaway of useful checklist

I used automation to make it easy for people to get their hands on a checklist. That outlined what people should do when looking for a home health care provider.

The goal

Help a home health care company find local families who could use their services.

The approach

Improve the existing Wix site that the client already had. I designed a website that helped qualify traffic. By showcasing the people that Attentive Home Health Care has helped over the last 30 years.

The process

Helping a home health care company in Southern California & San Diego raise local awareness.

Automating a free checklist download

We made it easy for people to download the free checklist. Helping them find a great home health care company for their loved one.

Running local + targeted Facebook Ads

I ran targeted Facebook Ads within the San Diego & Orange County areas as that is the area we served.

Creating custom landing pages for Google Ads

We had Google Ads running. I created custom landing pages in Wix to improve our chances of converting prospects to leads.

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