Real Rap with The Reynolds

Creating a brand with hip-hop style for YouTube’s favorite teacher.


“Working with Joe was amazing. He helped me create a brand that reflected who I am. His ability to visualize what I’m thinking in my head is wild.” 

– CJ Reynolds


key results i helped them achieve

Improved branding across social

I hand wrote sayings that CJ Reynolds shared in the classroom in graffiti. Reflecting his personality throughout the visual design of the brand.

Empowered CJ’s team to make updates to the website

I trained CJ’s team using a series of videos to empower his team on making updates to the website.

Building Trust on Social

I created a pack of graphics that looked great across Youtube, Instagram & Facebook.

The goal

Reflect CJ’s style throughout his personal brand online.

The approach

Create a Squarespace website with the hip-hop styled branding across the site & social.

The process

How I created a cohesive brand for Real Rap with Reynolds.

Handwriting grafitti in Adobe Illustrator

I could have just found a font online. To make sure that CJ’s brand stood out from the rest. I used Adobe Illustrator to write grafitti that was one of a kind.

Building a Squarespace Website

I built the website on Squarespace to make sure the site looked great on desktop & loaded fast on mobile. Also, this made it simple to make updates across the site for the team.

Training the team to make basic updates

Because the site’s built on Squarespace. I was able to share the training videos with the client on making based updates. This allowed the team to save money when they’d usually have to pay a freelancer to make these updates.

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