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Helping a Quickbooks Pro Advisor turn more leads into clients.


“Joe took transformed my old site that didn’t represent me well as a Quickbooks Pro Advisor. I’m now proud of the way my site looks and the first impression I’ll make on leads coming from the Quickbooks directory.” 

– Karen Piasecki

key results i helped them achieve

Improved analytics

Before re-building the website. My client didn’t have any Google Analytics tracking setup. We now have Google Analytics & Squarespace Analytics installed. Tracking how people interact with our website.

A design that educates

I created a homepage design that clearly explained how working with the firm occurs. Making it easier to close new clients over the phone.

Easy to make updates

I trained Karen, the owner of the firm on how to make basic updates to the site. This allowed her to keep the money in the business that she’d normally pay a freelancer. For an account, saving money is a no brainer.

The goal

Create a Quickbooks Pro Advisor website that makes potential clients want to hire Chaos Management..

The approach

Build the Quickbooks Pro Advisor website on Squarespace. Making sure it educates potential buyers. Then that it loads fast, looks great & is easy to update for the client once it’s launched.

The process

Building a Quickbooks Pro Advisor website in just 1 week.

Built on Squarespace

The Quickbooks Pro Advisor directory recommends using Squarespace to build a great website. Chaos Management came to me already having a website on Squarespace. They wanted to make sure theirs stood out among the rest. I designed a custom landing page. Then used Squarespace’s built-in features to turn the design into an interactive website.

Creating a brand that stands out

I designed a logo that looked trustworthy. I chose fonts that paired well together. I created brand elements that all worked together to continue to build trust. Using these throughout the website & marketing materials.

Using the homepage to educate potential clients.

I looked at many Quickbooks Pro Advisor websites during the design phase. They all talked about themselves more than the customers needs. Few took the time to educate the buyer on what it’s like working with a Quickbooks Pro Advisor. To ensure we didn’t make this mistake. I first outlined this process through content. I then made the site scannable by designing great visuals. These all incorporated the branding of the Quickbooks Pro Advisor.

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