Building the brand & website for a digital agency that focused on technology.





key results i helped them achieve

Clarified Messaging

Working with the founder, I walked him through Storybrand. This framework allowed us to clarify our messaging. Ensuring that we told a clear story throughout our website & print materials.

Iconic branding

I used a circle & a square to create a simple, yet iconic mark. These two symbols we’re used to tie the entire brand together.

Fast website that’s built for mobile

I designed & built the website for mobile first. Knowing that people would likely be looking there first. Then I added the desktop design for the rest of the people who prefer using desktops.

The goal

Build a fast website that clearly explains what 15TEN focuses on.

The approach

Build a website on Squarespace that is fast, beautiful & easy to update with case studies.

The process

How I built a digital agencies website using Squarespace.

Keeping the brand simple

After guiding the client through Storybrand & clarifying the messaging of the brand. I was able to create a visual brand using Adobe Illustrator that resonated with the client. Combined a circle for the ‘human” element & a square for the “digital” element. Tying in the tagline, “Where human meets digital.”

Designing every page in Photoshop

I designed every page of the website in Photoshop. Making sure that it incorporated the messaging & visual branding well.

I customized a Squarespace template

I went through a few templates with the client to find the right fit. At last we landed on one that made sense for the aesthetic he had in mind.

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