Know Your Worth

Helping girls discover & know their worth.


“Joe took my non-profit idea & helped me put together the digital strategy. Giving me ideas along the way as he built the brand, website & even a quiz for my visitors to take on my site. I couldn’t have done this without him.” 

– Jackie Webb


key results i helped them achieve

Collecting emails through a quiz

I created a quiz on the site that allowed women to be able to see what they really thought of themselves. This made the site about the user, not just our non-profit organization.

Branding that tied many non-profits togethers

I created branding that helped tie together a publishing company & a non-profit. I incorporated elements from each brand like fonts & symbol within each other.

A tool for helping women discover their worth.

Founder, Jackie Webb used the website as a tool to help women. She shared if after conferences & speaking events that she attended.

The goal

Create a useful website that attracts women are looking for a reminder that they matter.

The approach

Build a Squarespace website with a built in “Know Your Worth” quiz that helps women get connected to the non-profit organization.

The process

Creating a community of women who know their worth.

Built on Squarespace

I built the site on Squarespace to make it easy for Jackie to be able to make updates to the site herself. Plus, Squarespace loads fast on mobile.

Using Squarespace built in blog

I used the built in blog on Squarespace to make it easy for Jackie to update herself.

Creating a quiz with Typeform

I used Typeform to create a quiz that women & girls could take. it collected their email which made it perfect for us building our email list.

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