Love Week

Spread the LOVE.

 How I built a Facebook Ad campaign that incorporated a pay phone & an 800 number to spread the love throughout Charlotte, NC.




key results i helped them achieve

880,000 Video Views 

In 10 days while the phone booth was place in Charlotte & Raleigh.

Featured in Local News Story

ABC11 did a story on the phone booth in Raleigh. They also featured the LOVE week phone number that led to a boost in calls.

4500+ Minutes Spent on The Love Line 

Between calls & leaving messages people spent time giving encouragement & feeling encouraged.

The goal

Build a fast website that clearly explains what 15TEN focuses on.

The approach

Build a website on Squarespace that is fast, beautiful & easy to update with case studies.

The process

Mixing a phone booth & paid ads.

Collaborating with other departments

We wanted to make the campaign feel BIG since it was the 10th year of LOVE week. LOVE Week serves more than 300 organizations. Our paid ads team created a clear plan that we presented to leadership. Complete with timeline, allocated spend based on targeting & breakdown of goals we’d track. I had the opportunity to lead 3 people in this campaign. From idea to planning, launching, optimizing & reporting. It was a team win. Collaborating across departments with the creative & digital teams was the best part. I worked with our Google representative to setup a new feature in our ads account. Allowing us to upload our existing database & exclude them from the campaign. Reaching only the people who didn’t yet attend our church.

We create a Facebook Ad campaign around an 800 number

Our creative team had an idea to put a phone booth in the center of Uptown Charlotte during LOVE Week. I knew we needed to make sure people could take part in giving & getting encouragement. I connected with teh creative director who led the physical phone booth concept. Making sure to stay close as the idea developed. I then purchased an 800 number for LOVE Week. Building out an automated messaging platform. People were able to listen to an encouraging message. If they wanted to they could leave an encouraging message for someone else to listen to.

Driving Event Sign Ups

One of our main goals was to drive event sign ups with new people who aren’t connected to our church. I knew that the best campaigns have results that go beyond immediate goals. Like event sign-ups. We setup tracking through Google Analytics & custom conversions inside of FaceBook. Measuring how many people created an account online or visited the website for theing first time. Even people who attended our church for the first time in person because of seeing an ad.

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