Community Matters Cafe

Creating a good looking site for a coffee shop that does good.


“Joe helped us build a website that felt as inviting as we wanted our community driven cafe to feel.” 

– Ed Price


key results i helped them achieve

Improving the first impression people have with Community Matters Cafe.

When I built the website, the coffee shop hadn’t launched yet. Visiting the website was likely going to be the first impression people had with the coffee shop.

Making it easy for customers to book a table

People were able to book a table in advance on our website in minutes using Opentable.

Online Menu

I made it easy for people to find out what they want to order on our website.

The goal

Create a great first impression on the people who are looking for a community driven coffee shop.

The approach

Create a great looking WordPress website that loads fast. Allowing people to see our menu & book a table.

The process

How I created a community driven coffee shop’s website.

Book your table with OpenTable

I used the third party service OpenTable to make make it quick & easy for people to book a table in advance.

Building a WordPress Website

I built the website on WordPress, because I wanted to make sure that we had great local SEO. This means that we’d show up for keywords that were important to us. Plus, I wanted to make sure that the site loaded fast on mobile.

Incorporating in-store branding

I worked with our designer to incorporate the branding that was in store. This allowed us to start a great experience from the time that they visited the website for the first time.

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