Making it possible for a law firm to make a great first impression.


“Joe helped us bring a level of professionalism to our website that made us proud to present it to past & potential clients.”

– Denise, BDMK Law Offices


key results i helped them achieve

Easier to find in Google

I wrote content on the website that made it easy for people to find the website on Google. When they were looking for a lawyer in Orange County.

Empowered BDMK staff to make updates to the website

I built the site on WordPress and trained the team on how to make updates to the site as needed.

Fast Loading Mobile Friendly Design

I created a mobile first design that loaded fast on mobile. As every lawyer knows. Time is money!

The goal

Create a website that makes people want to hire BDMK to represent their case in court.

The approach

Create a WordPress website that loads fast. Make sure it creates a great first impression & is easy to navigate for potential clients.

The process

Making BDMK as the best choice for people who are looking for a lawyer in Orange County, California.

Built on WordPress

I built the website on WordPress to help with SEO & make it easy for the team at BDMK to make updates as needed.

Using local SEO strategies for "orange county law offices"

I used white hat (the good kind of SEO vs. black hat which is the bad kind of SEO) to help people find BDMK on Google.

Get to know the team

I listed out every team member on their own page to make it easy for people to get to know them. They’d be committing to working with them if they hired BDMK.

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