Hurdles in heels

Developing a training ground for girls.


“I shared my vision for my organization with Joe & he brought it to life through my website. I couldn’t be more happy.” 

– Lanaire Lindo, Hurdles in Heels

key results i helped them achieve

Sold out first in-person workshop

I made it possible for people to buy their tickets through the website in minutes. Leading to a sold out first event for Hurdles in Heels.

A great digital experience

I designed the website to match the existing branding that connects with women & girls.

Creating a platform for online courses

I built the website with the future in mind. Making sure we are able to support online courses. Since girls would go through these after they attend their first workshop.

The goal

Help girls around the world become the leaders of tomorrow.

The approach

Build an online community through Squarespace that is a training ground for girls.

The process

How I helped Hurdles in Heels build a digital training ground for girls.

Built on Squarespace

I built the site on Squarespace to make it easy for Lanaire to be able to make updates to the site herself. Plus, Squarespace loads fast on mobile.

Using Squarespace e-commerce to sell tickets to physical workshops.

I used the built in features of Squarespace to sell tickets for the Hurdles in Heels events.

Creating online courses with Squarespace

I used password protected pages to turn a regular website into a training ground for girls.

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