Plant-based meals delivered to your doorstep.


“KITCH is a dream come true. Working with Joe streamlined by business. I don’t know how I was managing my business before Joe helped me rebrand.”

– Carmen Chavez, Founder of KITCH


key results i helped them achieve

Potential Investor

An attendee of the launch party loved the concept & wants to help KITCH take it’s food to more people in Charlotte

Increased Profits

Every week, customers are referring their friends and family to try the meals they love

Seamless Communication

Using Klaviyo, KITCH is now connecting with people at every stage of the customer journey in a personalized way.

The goal

Make it simple for people in Charlotte to get 100% plant-based meals. Delivered to their doorstep.

The approach

Create an e-commerce store that allows people to order plant-based meals each week. In less than 2 minutes.

The process

Delivering tasty plant-based meals.

The Creative Process

This project was a rebrand of my clients previous brand. The goal was to come up with a whole new name, brand and experience for the brand online & in person. I led my client through a creative workshop that opened up the future of her brand. She shared her wants, needs & business goals. Before coming up with a name we created a map of the customer journey. From the time they heard of us to when they referred a friend. We thought through what they would think, feel and say. This was our guide as we made decisions naming, branding & building the experience. I’ve learned that without this, a client will tend to make decisions based on their desires. Instead of their customers needs.

KITCH Naming Process

“High Quality Convenience” was the experience she wanted to give her clients. We ended up landing on the name “KITCH.” It was a perfect mix of slang & class. Knowing we didn’t want to be another “meal prep” company or restaurant. Instead, we wanted to create a “Blue Ocean” & called what we do “KITCHMADE”.

KITCH Packaging

Packaging is one of the main pieces that every client interacts with. We made sure that every package told a story about that meal. Educating clients while enjoying plant-based meals was a must. We kept the food as the focus of the packaging. Sourcing packaging that was biodegradable. Since clients shared that was important to them in our interviews.

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