Facebook Ads for e-Commerce

Unlock profitable growth with Facebook Ads.

Promise me you won’t spend all day in Facebook Ads trying to be a media buyer on top of the 5 other hats you’re wearing. Unlike most Facebook Ads experts, I (not an outsourced team) handle everything you need to make Facebook Ads profitable for your e-commerce business.

Price: $3,500/month

Will Facebook Ads work for your business?

Facebook Ads aren’t for every type of business. Which is why I focus on helping e-commerce businesses with Facebook Ad. I’ve become an expert in the strategies & tactics I can use to get great results.

Who this is for.

• You’re an e-commerce business owner
• You believe in the power of Facebook Ads, but rather hire an expert to help.
• You trust that I’m the best fit for your business.
• You’re already spending on Facebook Ads & want to increase your return on investment.
• You’re a seasoned e-commerce pro looking to partner with a Facebook Ads expert on your next venture.
• You own a private equity firm & are looking for one expert to manage multiple accounts & share learnings between them all.

Who this is not for.

• You don’t own an e-commerce business.
• You expect to tell “me” how I should run “your” Facebook Ads.
• You would like me to get you a 34 ROAS.
• Your Facebook Ad spend budget is less than $1500 / month.

“Joe helped us out of tough spot during an economic down turn. Using Facebook Ads to grow our e-commerce business. He was able to help drive the same amount of revenue that all of our retail stores were driving each day. Not only were his ads great. He was able to walk us through what we needed to do within our business to make sure our ads were profitable.”

– David, Get Fit Foods

“Super grateful. I was able to find product market fit using Facebook Ads. Joe helped us build out a test within multiple audiences to find which would be most interested & profitable for our business.”

– Giann,  Journal Hub

What’s included?

e-Commerce Facebook Ads Strategy

I’ll build out a deck that outlines the strategy, targeting & creative I’ll be using to increase your return on ad spend.

Account Audit

I’ll dive into your Facebook Ads & Google Analytics account to uncover what’s worked, what hasn’t & opportunities for growth.

Pixel & Catalog Audit

I’ll make sure that our pixel & product catalogs are setup properly. If you don’t yet have this set-up, I’ll install both at this step.

Conversion Rate Optimization

I’ll go through the entire website to make recommendations based on best practices. Helping us increase conversion rates. Decreasing how much it costs us to drive purchases.

Unlimited copywriting

I’ll study your brand’s existing language & write copy that incorporates what works on Facebook Ads with what you brand should sound like.

Unlimited static & GIF Designs

Using my 10 year of design experience. I’ll create your ad creative. I’ll use your existing social media images, product page imagery & anything else I can find online to create on brand ads that stand out.

Dynamic Product Ads

Have a lot of products? No problem, I’ll use dynamic product ads. These combine products on your site with how people have interacted with them in the past. To deliver them at the right time.

Weekly Optimizations

I’ll make the necessary optimizations to your Facebook Ads to improve performance. This happens as we have enough statistically relevant data to make decisions off of. Also, I’m always monitoring closely to make sure that we’re not wasting money on what isn’t working.

Bi-weekly video calls

Your business is changing fast. Each week we have a 30 minute check in call where I share our month to date numbers & success I’m seeing in the account. Also, improvements I’m planning on making to improve performance even more. As needed, we’ll use this call to brainstorm around what promotions I can support through paid social.

24/7 slack access

I believe that I’m a part of all my clients team. This is why I give you complete access to me via Slack. Reach out anytime. Whether it’s a quick update on our numbers. Needing to share assets for an ad you think could work well. Or anything else you might need to ask the “Facebook Ads Guy.”