Facebook Ad Account Review

Are you missing out on potential profits with your Facebook Ads?

That can add up to of dollars left on the table. Get a second set of experienced eyes on your Facebook Ads account. It’s a one-time, no-obligation analysis that’s proven to pay for itself through the increase in revenue I’ve been able to unlock within Facebook Ad accounts.

Price: $2,500 

Not getting great results from your Facebook Ads?

I get it. It took me years & thousand of hours spent on Facebook Ads to learn to get better results.

Who this is for.

• You’re an e-Commerce business owner.
• You’ve spent at least $5,000 over the lifetime of your Facebook Ads account.
• You have someone managing your Facebook Ads, but want another set of eyes on your account.

Who this is not for.

• You’re in the service or sass business looking to generate leads for your business.
• You’re a local businesses looking to generate foot traffic.
• You have an idea & want to ensure that Facebook Ads will work for your business.
• You are considering running Facebook Ad, but still have no historical data.

“Thanks to Joe, I was able to learn which Facebook Ads audiences we’re driving most of the revenue for my business, so that I could focus my time & energy on the right products.”

– Giann, The Journal Hub

“Joe took a look at my ads account & helped me realize Facebook Ads wasn’t the best channel for growth in my business.”

– David, Spacebar Agency

What’s included?

Business audit

We’ll start by having a 30 minute conversation around your margins & cost per acquisition. Then discuss what your ROAS needs to be based on these two factors.

Audience audit

I’ll dive into your targeting & audiences to make sure that we’re tapping into the most profitable audiences possible.

Creative audit

I’ll use my 10+ years of creative experience to audit your copy, visuals & landing pages.

Video response

I’ll create a video sharing how to improve your results with advanced Facebook Ad strategies and tactics.

Performance recommendations

I’ll share a PDF that contains insights & actions you can take to improve your Facebook Ad performance.

Increased performance

Everything I share in this process is to help you achieve the highest possible return on your ad spend.