Facebook Ad Account Review

Are you missing out on potential profits with your Facebook Ads?

That can add up to of dollars left on the table. Get a second set of experienced eyes on your Facebook Ads account. It’s a one-time, no-obligation analysis that’s proven to pay for itself through the increase in revenue I’ve been able to unlock within Facebook Ad accounts.

Price: $1,000 

I’m not for everyone. See if I’m for you.

Not getting great results from your Facebook Ads?

I get it. It took me years & thousand of hours spent on Facebook Ads to learn to get better results.

Who this is for.

• You’re an e-Commerce business owner.
• You’ve spent at least $5,000 over the lifetime of your Facebook Ads account.
• You have someone managing your Facebook Ads, but want another set of eyes on your account.

Who this is not for.

• You’re in the service or sass business looking to generate leads for your business.
• You’re a local businesses looking to generate foot traffic.
• You have an idea & want to ensure that Facebook Ads will work for your business.
• You are considering running Facebook Ad, but still have no historical data.

Want actionable insights you can take to improve your marketing this week?

I’ll walk through your digital marketing & teach you how to make it work harder for you.

Facebook Ad Account Review testimonials from past clients

“Thanks to Joe, I was able to learn which Facebook Ads audiences we’re driving most of the revenue for my business, so that I could focus my time & energy on the right products.”

– Giann, The Journal Hub

“Joe took a look at my ads account & helped me realize Facebook Ads wasn’t the best channel for growth in my business.”

– David, Spacebar Agency

What’s included?

Business Audit

We’ll start by having a 30 minute conversation around your margins & cost per acquisition. Then discuss what your ROAS needs to be based on these two factors.

audience audit

I’ll dive into your targeting & audiences to make sure that we’re tapping into the most profitable audiences possible.

Creative audit

I’ll use my 10+ years of creative experience to audit your copy, visuals & landing pages.

Video response

I’ll create a video sharing how to improve your results with advanced Facebook Ad strategies and tactics.

Performance recommendations

I’ll share a PDF that contains insights & actions you can take to improve your Facebook Ad performance.

Increased performance

Everything I share in this process is to help you achieve the highest possible return on your ad spend.

Ever wonder if you’re leaving money on the table when it comes to your digital marketing?

I’ll teach you how to uncover hidden profits in your marketing in a five minute video made just for you.

Case studies

No two projects are the same. Here are the projects I’ve completed that are similar.

Grow your business for free through my content.

Here’s the latest content I’ve created around this topic. 

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Improve your marketing with a free 5 minute video audit made just for your business.

I'll use my 10+ years of design & marketing experience. Create a useful 5 minute video audit where I go through your digital presence to give you actionable tips to improve it.  For free.

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