Email Marketing Automation

Build trust & make more money on autopilot.

At 40X average return on investment.  Email crushes every other marketing channel. There’s a lot to tackle when it comes to email marketing. Let’s start by building (or improving) your automated email funnel. This is the highest ROI service I offer to e-commerce business owners.

Price: $4,500 

I’m not for everyone. See if I’m for you.

Oh, you thought email was dead?

You’re not alone. Sure, it’s not flashy like social. But it pretty much prints money.

Who this is for.

• You have an e-Commerce business.
• You want to increase your customer lifetime value.
• You want to start tracking revenue from email.
• You want to get out of the weeds of email.
• You aren’t sure if you built your flows right & want an expert to help.

Who this is not for.

• You don’t have Klaviyo.
• You can afford to spend hours learning on Youtube about Klaviyo & email marketing automation. 

Want actionable insights you can take to improve your marketing this week?

I’ll walk through your digital marketing & teach you how to make it work harder for you.

Email Marketing Automation testimonials from past clients

“Thanks to the email automation flows in Klaviyo that Joe setup. I was able to get orders while I sleep.”

– KITCH, Carmen

“Joe helped us track & attribute revenue on our Shopify Store to our Klaviyo emails. This was priceless.”

– David, Get Fit Foods

What’s included?

e-commerce conversion strategy

We’ll put together a plan that takes your audience, brand & products into account. Reaching the right people on our list at the right time.

Unlimited copywriting & design

I’ll write & edit all of the copy across all emails. Also, I’ll use my 10 years of design experience to make every email visually compelling.

Opt-in form design & setup

I’ll setup & customize your opt-in form on your e-commerce website. Designed to increase sign ups.

Cart Reminder Emails

People who abandon cart will receive two emails if they don’t purchase, one after 4 hours, and 48 hours.

New Customer Thank You Emails

We send a short personalized thank you to customers who just bought from you for the first time to boost engagement and trust.

Repeat Buyer Thank You Email

We reach out to the loyal customers who have bought from you a second time, boosting engagement and trust. Creating raving fans.

Win-back email

Don’t lose customers. Bring them back instead. We’ll send two promo emails with suggested items to anyone who hasn’t made a purchase in 75 and 150 days.

Cross-sell email

We’ll use data to see what products people are likely to buy together or purchase as repeats customers. Then automate your emails to deliver based on their activity on your site. 

Ever wonder if you’re leaving money on the table when it comes to your digital marketing?

I’ll teach you how to uncover hidden profits in your marketing in a five minute video made just for you.

Case studies

No two projects are the same. Here are the projects I’ve completed that are similar.

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