Is the way your business looks online losing trust & money?

Stand out by gaining clarity around what makes your story unique. Then tell it in a way that gets (& keeps) people’s attention. Then top if off with a one of a kind logo & visual elements. You’re ready to stand out in your market now.

Price: $3,500 

I’m not for everyone. See if I’m for you.

Branding your business can be time consuming.

I’ll take care of everything you need to make your brand look great.

Who this is for.

•  You’re just starting out with your business & need a “brand.”
•  You’re in need of a brand refresh.
•  You’ve changed the name and/or direction of your business & need to align your look with that.

Who this is not for.

• You want a brand that fits your taste instead of your ideal customer’s taste is.
• You want me to “just copy” an existing brand.
• You’ve drawn out your logo & just need someone to design that.
• You aren’t willing to go through my branding process to build the best possible brand for your business.

Want actionable insights you can take to improve your marketing this week?

I’ll walk through your digital marketing & teach you how to make it work harder for you.

Branding testimonials from past clients

“Joe took the ideas I had in my head & make it come to life through my brand.”

– CJ, Real Rap with Reynolds

“When it comes to making sure that your business looks cohesive across multiple platform. Joe’s your guy.”

– Robert, 15TEN

Everything you need to build a memorable brand.

Brand messaging workshop

  This is the most important step of my branding process. We’ll clarify your message, so people buy.

One-of-a-kind Logo

   Not only do you get a logo. I’ll also include versions of your logo that include just the type & just the mark.

Additional brand elements

I’ll create elements that you can use throughout all of your marketing materials. Making your brand looks professional. Everywhere.

Unlimited Revisions

  We’ll tweak & adjust everything until it’s perfect for connecting with your potential & existing customers. No matter how long it takes.

Font Family

I’ll pair your heading, sub-heading & body fonts. Making sure that the fonts looks great together & are easy for you to use in all of your documents moving forward.

Brand colors

Make sure you’re conveying the right feeling through our color choice. You’ll learn how to use these colors throughout your physical & digital spaces to look great.

Ever wonder if you’re leaving money on the table when it comes to your digital marketing?

I’ll teach you how to uncover hidden profits in your marketing in a five minute video made just for you.

Case studies

No two projects are the same. Here are the projects I’ve completed that are similar.

Grow your business for free through my content.

Here’s the latest content I’ve created around this topic. 

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Improve your marketing with a free 5 minute video audit made just for your business.

I'll use my 10+ years of design & marketing experience. Create a useful 5 minute video audit where I go through your digital presence to give you actionable tips to improve it.  For free.

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