Have an e-commerce business and deciding whether to drive traffic to your site with Facebook Ads, organic search or Google Ads? I’ve been there. Here’s three things you can do to get better results when running Facebook Ads for your e-commerce business.

Simplify your Facebook Ads account structure

When you’re setting up your e-commerce Facebook Ads. You want make sure that you’re giving Facebook a chance to get around 50 conversions at the ad set level. It’s common that you won’t have enough budget to do this across every ad set. In those cases, do your best to keep your ad sets to a minimum. Here’s the structure I recommend if you’re running Facebook Ads for e-commerce.

  • Prospecting: Use an interest or look-a-like audiences. Exclude anyone who has interacted with your brand.
  • Re-marketing: People who have interacted with your brand. Exclude anyone who has ever purchased.
  • Loyalty: Past purchasers. Exclude people who have purchased in last 30-60 days. Let’s not annoy people. Give them time to receive & enjoy their last order.

Unlock better performance with your e-commerce Facebook Ads using custom audiences

If you aren’t using custom audiences yet. Prepare to unlock better performance for your e-commerce business. Custom audiences allow you to target people based on their interaction with your business. From your website to social media & more.

Creative that connects with your customers

Your ads are bound to not work at times. It’s part of the process when running Facebook Ads for e-commerce. The key is continuing to innovate on ad creative. Visit your reviews pages on your site and/or Amazon. Watch Youtube videos in your space to see what customers are saying about your product or those like it. Think like your customer, so you can create ads that resonate with your customer. If you’re wondering whether your creative is “good.” Ask yourself, what value is this adding to my customer’s day? If you can’t answer that, it’s time to rethink the creative.