If you have a business or work in one. You’ve asked yourself the question. It’s a valid question & I’ll attempt to answer it below. While I can’t mention them due to NDA’s I’ve signed, I’ve worked with many well known brands that you know & love. Here’s my attempt to answer the age old question “Do Facebook Ads work?”

Do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook Ads do work. However, many people setup their ads the wrong way. When it comes to Facebook Ads. Account structure is everything. If you’ve ever run Facebook Ads before and you didn’t see success, you likely had someone who was working on your account that did a poor job targeting & segmenting your audiences to maximize results. 

How to make Facebook Ads work better for your business.

To instantly improve your Facebook Ads, start by separating your ads in 3 buckets. New customers, re-marketing & loyalty. I won’t go too far into the tactics to how to implement this in your campaign, but I will say that this is a game changer for most accounts that I work in. If you’re currently struggling with your Facebook Ads, try implementing the campaign structure below in your account.

  • New Customers: People who don’t know you or what you do. 
  • Re-marketing: People who know who you are, but haven’t purchased.
  • Loyalty: Your existing customers.

When Facebook Ads don’t work for a business.

While Facebook Ads do work. There’s no amount of Facebook Ads strategies that you can implement to improve a business that has low margins, a website that takes 10+ seconds to load or a product that people don’t want. Whenever I start working with a brand, I run a quick 15 minute audit of their site to test load speeds & go through their product pages to make sure that they are doing things right on site because if they aren’t, their Facebook Ads will suffer.